The Technicolour Installations of Álvaro Peñalta


Beautiful shapes installation by Barcelona photographer and artist Alvaro Penalta

Barcelona-based Art Director Álvaro Peñalta creates retro-futuristic images that channel a unique blend of Pop Art, nostalgia, and the synthetic. Highly stylized, perfectly executed, and disarmingly bizarre, his technicolor installations are carefully made by hand and then photographed in studio. As a lover of neon lights, the 1980’s, and Pink Panther, Peñalta consistently produces the kind of odd imagery that lingers in your mind.

Álvaro Peñalta is the artist for our May print. Subscribe by April 30 to get a special delivery of his art.

Trendy pastel photograph featuring woman's hand holding a pastel blue phone against a pink backdrop by Alvaro Penalta


Art Direction and photography by Barcelona based Alvaro Penalta

.Woman in yellow dress with blue background and red table, standing in a grid of eggs. By Barcelona Art Director Alvaro Penalta.

.Woman's hand with red nails holding toy airplane against blue background by Barcelona artist Alvaro Penalta.

.Nike shoe balancing a pink ball against blue wall by Alvaro Penalta

.Art installation of geometric shapes in a room by art director Alvaro Penalta

Memphis design inspired geometric shapes in a room by Barcelona based art director and photographer Alvaro Penalta


Álvaro Peñalta is our May 2017 artist.
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