Abbey Lossing’s Stylish Simplicity

Eugen SakhnenkoARTISTS

Illustration by Abbey Lossing

Always optimistic, Abbey Lossing’s personality is reflected in her work through her happy and content characters, who are often found celebrating life’s simple moments or working together to support those around them. See her work here!

The Freedom of Collage with Nicola Kloosterman


Collage artist Nicola Kloosterman

Meet Nicola Kloosterman, an analog collage artist from the Netherlands who works with found imagery. Her subjects vary from fragmented female figures and faces to landscapes, the natural world and abstracts. Made with vintage paper and textiles, her collages explore (in)visibility, perception and feminine power.

The Vintage Style of Nicola Kloosterman

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Collage artwork by Papirmass artist Nicola Kloosterman

Meet Nicola Kloosterman, an analog collage artist from the Netherlands who wields scissors and glue to cut her way across a range of vintage and contemporary fashion magazines, found paper, and textile samples.

The Creative Process of Karolin Schnoor


Papirmass artist Karolin Schnoor

Karolin Schnoor is a German illustrator living in London whose bold, elegant work is informed by simple organic shapes and the screen-printing process. Get to know her better in this interview.

The Powerful Portraits of Nyssa Sharp

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Nyssa Sharp creates stunningly powerful portraits that focus on the expression of the inner female attitude and dialogue. See a full gallery of her work here.

Marlies Plank: February Artist



Warm up with the hypnotic images of visionary photographer Marlies Plank, a master of combining photography with collage in surreal ways that bend the mind.

Team Macho: July Artist



Team Macho is not your average art collective. And they aren’t your average macho men either. Machismo, that puerile expression … Read More

Beach Bumming, with Sarah Bodri



We go beach bumming with photographer Sarah Bodri as she reflects the photographer’s gaze back on the viewer. Read our interview here.