The Powerful Portraits of Nyssa Sharp

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Nyssa Sharp creates stunningly powerful portraits that focus on the expression of the inner female attitude and dialogue. See a full gallery of her work here.

Colourful Expression with Jess Phoenix


Portrait of Papirmass July featured artist Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix’s stunning floral work is an exploration of colour relationships, imaginary bouquets, and contrasting palettes. Based on the West Coast, she illustrates, designs gift products, and creates exceptional pattern designs.

The Vibrant Flowers of Jess Phoenix

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

The arwork of Papirmass June 2017 artist Jess Phoenix

This artist’s vibrant floral arrangements are beautiful, bold, and totally imaginary. Jess Phoenix’s work is sure to make you smile. Click here.

Team Macho: July Artist



Team Macho is not your average art collective. And they aren’t your average macho men either. Machismo, that puerile expression … Read More