Scallop Pattern Colouring Card


As the Summer begins to draw to a close, you may find yourself feeling tired or a little worn out. We can’t blame you, as it’s our favourite time of year to get out and explore all the exciting events happening in (or outside) our city! But all that excitement can be exhausting, so why don’t you unwind with some colouring?

Colouring Card




This month’s Colouring Card features scalloped layers that crawl up the page with patterns of polka dots. Challenge yourself by creating a sequence of colours within the same shade or mix it up with a rainbow!

This is a great activity for both adults and children, so share it with your child or a friend and discover what they create!

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Scallop pattern free adult coloring activity from Papirmass Art Box.

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Papirmass Edition 115 featuring photography by Corey Isenor, quote card, and interview

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