The Intense Colour Sensibility of Santiago Paredes


Papirmass Artist Santiago Paredes

Meet Santiago Paredes, a multidisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Santiago works with a wide range of uncommon materials to create bold, intense colours. His creative work incorporates a wide variety of themes including, society contradictions, both abstract and figuration.

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Papirmass Artist Santiago Paredes

Tell us about the artwork featured in Papirmass (not pictured).

I am interested in generating space through colour, and how small details or ordinary situations can be extraordinary when approached differently. I am fascinated by the palpable, the tactile, and this idea of art as an object of static contemplation.

What have you learned through being an artist?

Being an artist has to do with giving love, like having a child. Create an image, take care of it, feed it. I want my art to be an enveloping breeze, to give the warmth of the sun in the middle of winter, to be a kind of wave that subtracts a universe of colour and shake the senses. I’m trying to liquefy the density of reality.

Papirmass Artist Santiago Paredes

What is your studio like?

It is full of plants in vases, and other people’s work is hanging everywhere. I also have a tricolour cat named Martha. I appreciate the silence so that I can listen to music and get involved in my practice, but I wish my studio had more natural light.

What do you love about Buenos Aires?

The people here are very interesting and resourceful. Because nobody has money, everyone has to be twice as creative in all aspects of life.

Papirmass Artist Santiago Paredes

How has your practice changed over time?

I haven’t been doing much painting recently, in a strict sense. Instead, I’ve been using Photoshop. I can work with the same ideas and use all the colours in the world without spending any money. It’s like being rich for free.

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

The best thing about being an artist is that you can improve your results through mistakes. The worst thing is having to deal with your own neurosis as a creative engine.

Papirmass Artist Santiago Paredes

What role do artists play in society?

I think the role of the artist is to liquefy the message. In such a condensed world, the best thing that can happen is that art explodes from time to time.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m very curious about ancient cultures, but I also draw a lot of influence from haute couture fashion designers. So I go from Gucci to Hokusai and from Luc Tuymans to Jacquemus.

Argentinian artist Santiago Paredes for Papirmass Art Print Box

What does it take to make original work today?

Remix is the logic of our era. Simply take what serves you and make it a poetic vehicle. But in the end, it’s always important who dresses best.

Is creativity learned or innate?

Intuition is innate. All the rest is work.

Santiago Paredes is our June 2018 artist.
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