Edition 95: 5 Risograph Art Prints by Hiller Goodspeed

Kirsten McCreaART PRINTS

5 risograph art prints by Vancouver illustrator Hiller Goodspeed

Papirmass 95 features FIVE beautiful risograph art prints by Vancouver artist and general smile-about-town Hiller Goodspeed. Hiller’s joyous drawings had us from the moment we set eyes on them, and we knew that we had to share them with our lucky subscribers. In a month like November, when the clocks fall back and the days get shorter, Hiller’s art is a ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.

Art Prints

Risograph art prints for Papirmass Art Subscription Box by artist Hiller Goodspeed

It was no easy feat selecting only five images from Hiller’s extensive portfolio. In the end we picked 5 drawings that really made us smile. Each print is produced on vintage paper using a risograph printer, by our friends at Paper Pusher.

I’m a good thing just the way I am.

A picnic that lasts forever & friends who never have to go home.

I will do my best, for as long as I can.

Hide away forever inside your new safety tube.

I want to go home now.

See more of Hiller’s art here, and don’t miss his full insightful interview here.

Creative Quote

You have to learn to feel confident about the prospect of failing, because it's so inevitable - quote by Andrea Zittel

“You have to learn to feel confident about the prospect of failing, because it’s so inevitable.” – Andrea Zittel

We selected this quote because it perfectly sums up the spirit we were hoping to conjure with the accompanying Creative Activity. Don’t freak out! Don’t worry so much about the end product. Don’t let perfectionism psych you out (this happens to me all the time). Try new things.

Put another way: Fail, fail again, fail better. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. Every failure is a success story in its own right, because it proves that you put yourself out there and had the guts to try something. Embrace it, learn from your mistakes, and move on. Eventually all those failures will add up to an amazing success.

Andrea Zittel is an American artist whose practice encompasses spaces, objects and modes of living in an ongoing investigation that explores the questions “How to live?” and “What gives life meaning?”

Creative Activity


Finish This Drawing

By this time of year, we could all use a break from the grind, some creative time, and an extra hand or two. So, we started a drawing, just for you!

This month we half-finished a drawing and mailed it to subscribers to see what they would make up. We encouraged you to add whatever comes to mind and see where your silly self takes you!

Remember, this isn’t art school, and there aren’t grades. This is just for fun. Click here to download the activity for yourself, share it with us on Instagram using #yaymail, and remember: have fun, and get down with your creative, silly self. Happy doodling!


Risograph art prints for Papirmass Art Subscription Box by illustrator Hiller Goodspeed

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