Recreating Nature Colouring Card


For this month’s Colouring Card, we were inspired to recreate some nature of our own. We admire how Elyse Dodge interprets light and shadow, so we decided to challenge our Subscribers to create a tree by adding branches and leaves.

Colouring Card


You can create a tree that’s vast and strong or a delicate palm. Perhaps take an abstract approach and add geometric shapes to your tree like in Elyse’s work, or follow a more realistic route and add textured bark and foliage.

We would love to see how our Subscribers’ trees turned out, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @papirmass and #papirmass so we can admire your beautiful creations!

Join us!


Download this free colouring activity below.


Not a subscriber? That’s okay – save the image below and print it to join in on the colouring fun. Just remember to tag us (@papirmass) so we can see how yours turned out!


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Papirmass Edition 112 Featuring Paintings by Elyse Dodge

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