8 Artists You Need to Follow for a Positive Pick-Me-Up

Victoria DayGUIDES

1. Carmi Grau AKA Super Nice Letters

Illustrated lettering by Carmi Grau that says "You Make Today Better"

Carmi is a Berlin based illustrator and letterer who shares amazingly illustrated and empowering messages. Her ability to communicate broad emotional ideas in just a few short words never ceases to blow us away.

Carmi is also our January artist! If you want a surprise print by her in the mail sign up here before December 31st.

Follow her here.

2.We’re Not Really Strangers

Photo of a building with a mural that says "Things Are Not As Personal As They Feel" written on it, by instagram account @werenotreallystangers

With a million followers already you’ve probably come across @werenotreallystrangers, but we just had to include them. Their street art inspired feed is full of reminders to practice self-compassion, and to be vulnerable with your peers. Not only are they a viral sensation, they are also a card game designed to forge meaningful connections between players by asking purposeful questions.

Follow them here.

3.Hiller Goodspeed

Drawing by Hiller Goodspeedof a sweating face staring at a cookie

Canadian artist Hiller Goodspeed’s drawings are sure to bring a smile to your face. They’re seemingly effortless, charming in their simplicity, and delightfully playful.

Follow them here.

4.Adam J. Kurtz

Wallpaper by Adam J Kurtz that says Repeat after me: You deserve it

If you relate to a patch that says “young, dumb & full of existential dread”, a keychain that says “good things happen. love is real. we will be okay.”, or a wallpaper that says “never giving up is how you win” then Adam is for you. His feed gets us right in our lil millennial hearts.

Follow him here.

5.Emmy Lupin

Illustration of two women clasping hands by artist Emmy Lupin that says Stronger Together

Looking for some dang good feminist content? Look no further than @emmylupinstudio. Emmy is a freelance illustrator sharing portraits and messaging that empowers and celebrates women.

Follow her here.

6.Emily McDowell

Design by Emily McDowell that reads "Hearing someone else's story is how we make sense of our own. Telling our story is what alchemizes our pain into someone else's medicine."

Emily’s content is the most dense on this list, but for good reason. She doesn’t shy away from expressing difficult truths about the world, about self-acceptance, and self-care. That openness is what makes her advice so powerful.

Follow her here, and check out her shop account here.

7.Josephine Ung

Illustration by Josephine Ung of a floral motif that reads Don't Quit Your Daydream

Another talented lettering artist using their craft to spread positivity! Josephine’s artwork often ties nature illustrations into brief but uplifting messaging.

Follow her here.

8.Barry Lee

Drawing by artist Barry Lee that says "Giving gratitude for our own improvements is equally as important as giving thanks for who and what we have in our lives."

Barry account is bursting with colour and joy, mixing his positive notes with his stunning mural work. Barry is also the host of Ripe Podcast, discussing the ways LGBTQIA+ folks manage mental health.

Follow him here, and check out his podcast here.

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