Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís’s Charming Photographs


Daniel Rueda & Anna Davis Benet Papirmass

Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís are a creative duo from Valencia, Spain. Using striking architecture as their backdrops, themselves as their subjects, and a touch of imagination, they create wonderfully fresh photographs that charm and delight.

Some images are starkly minimal with the subject perfectly placed, creating a moment that captures your curiosity. Others require much preparation and set dressing, giving their work a bold graphic quality. They are the artists for our January 2019 edition.

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Daniel Rueda & Anna Devis for the Papirmass subscription box

Photographs by Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís

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Affordable art prints by photographers Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís for Papirmass

Upcoming art prints by photographers Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís

Art prints by Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís

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