The Far-Out Photographs of Brendan Ko


Brendan Ko is a photographer who doesn’t stay in one place for very long. Raised in Ontario and across the United States, Brendan’s photographs are explorations of his experiences and enhance the stories they represent. Capturing portraiture, landscapes, and bizarre dream-like natural scenes, Brendan’s unique perception of the world and its many hidden delights are represented in the photographs he takes and generously shares with his viewers.

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Art inspiration from artist Brendan Ko - Pololu Valley

Papirmass subscription box featuring artist Brendan Ko's Goldtree Photograph

Papirmass art box's next Artist Brendan Ko - Foxtail Fern Photograph

Papirmass art subscription box: Brendan Ko Photograph of Tree with Red Berries

Amazing art by Papirmass Artist Brendan Ko: The Day the Fungi Took Over

Papirmass monthly subscription featuring Artist Brendan Ko Lauhala Pattern Photograph

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