We founded Papirmass to spark curiosity and inspire creativity. Our subscribers love how our monthly mailings help them discover their next favourite artist. Through unique prints, studio interviews, and hands-on artistic activities, Papirmass is all about making creative connections.




Founded in 2008, we are one of the original subscription boxes! When we started, few understood the concept of getting something fun mailed to you monthly. We’re happy to say that with a decade of experience behind us, we still stand as the world’s first and only art subscription.

Papirmass is run by husband-and-wife team Jp King and Kirsten McCrea, in collaboration with a handful of wildly creative people in Toronto.


“Surrounding yourself with beauty is important. We keep Papirmass affordable so everyone can embrace their creative curiosity.”

“We have proudly collaborated with over 100 artists to send more than 200,000 prints to subscribers on 6 continents.”



“We are artists who
believe that art is for everyone.”

“We do what we do because
we love making things:
together, alone, and with others.”


Papirmass is published 12 times per year in print (ISSN 2291-1162) and online. All rights reserved. No part of the print or on-line version of this periodical may be reproduced in any form without the consent of Papirmass or the individual authors.