Meet Your New Creative Card!

Kirsten McCreaNEWS

In our recent survey, a whopping 90% of you identified as a creative person. Wow!! Knowing this, we realized that with so many creative people on our list, we could do better than just sending a print. We thought:

Let’s mail a print, a peek into the artist’s studio, and a fun creative activity. You’ll get something beautiful to look at, interesting to read, and fun to do. It was one of those lightbulb moments when you wonder why something so obvious did not occur to you long ago!

So, meet your new Creative Card! From now on, your Papirmass prints will arrive alongside a fun creative activity that you can enjoy with friends,
co-workers, or solo.

Paired with an inspiring quote, and meant to be shared in a supportive online environment (tag your pics #yaymail), these creative activities are a fun break from the every day.

The first one is really easy: draw a smiley face using only non-traditional drawing materials. That means no pens, no pencils, nothing that could be purchased in an office supply or art store. Instead, think outside the box and use ketchup, pebbles, or lint!

Here’s Papirmass Founder Kirsten McCrea making one with paper clips:


We know you’re creative!
Show us what you got by making a smiley face out of something unusual.
Tag your pics #yaymail.