Mandala Colouring Card


Change in seasons have you feeling down? Looking for a new way to connect with your creativity? Warm up with a Papirmass Colouring Card!

Adult colouring is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus, develop your motor skills, and give your imagination a kickstart. (Plus, it’s just fun!)

Colouring Card

The mandala pattern in this month’s Colouring Card is inspired by the circular collages of our September artist Kirsten Francis. Mandalas are often used in meditation to encourage peace of mind. Take a moment to fill it in and let your worries melt away. Ahh… Feeling relaxed yet?

Colouring is a great activity for all ages! You can download this colouring page below to share with your friends and family and discover what they create.

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Free downloadable adult colouring page of a mandala by art print subscription box Papirmass

Papirmass Unboxed

This Colouring Card is from Edition 117 of Papirmass. Check out the full package we mailed to subscribers, including an art print and postcard by artist Kirsten Francis.

Flat lay photo of a Papirmass art print subscription box including artwork by Kirsten Francis

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