The Wild Worlds of Amber Davenport


Colorful Bird Painting by Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport is an illustrator and surface pattern designer from North-West England. She spends her days lost in lush jungles with fantastic wildlife and on the road with groovy vehicles. Amber’s work is distinctly playful, featuring vibrant colours, layers of patterned greenery, and animals that seem to have a personality of their own. We love Amber’s highly detailed works but also her more stark paintings which highlight sealife, insects, and cats!

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Mountain Roadtrip and Seaside Paintings by Amber Davenport

Tropical Town Painting by Amber Davenport

Plant Filled Paintings by Amber Davenport

Tropical Architecture Paintings by Amber Davenport

Plant and Animal Paintings by Amber Davenport

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