Edition 119: “Stay in Bed Forever” by Holly Jolley

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For Edition 119 we sent out “Stay in Bed Forever”, a gouache painting by Holly Jolley. Holly’s portraits have a distinctly personal touch to them. Her characters seem lost in thought yet they feel familiar and approachable. Holly’s work is earnest, not at all pretentious, and in the end – absolutely lovely to behold.

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Art Print

Painting of a woman in a floral top in bed with a dog called Stay in Bed Forever by artist Holly Jolley and featured in the art print subscription papirmass

Who hasn’t had a day when the lure of staying in bed is just too strong of a temptation? We chose this piece because it captures what we love most about Holly’s work – it’s undeniably relatable. Looking at Stay in Bed Forever feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket, and Holly’s trademark use of pinks and reds makes it all the more comforting. To sink deeper into her cozy portrait, look at Holly’s print and consider these questions:

1. Imagine a soundtrack to accompany this image. What does it sound like?
2. What parts of the image most attract your eye?
3. What emotions arise when looking at this image?

See more of Holly’s art, and read our interview with her to learn more about her process.

Wise Words

Floral designed card saying "If you feel like you don't fit in this world, maybe it's because you're here to help create a new one." from the monthly art print subscription Papirmass

“If you feel like you don’t fit in this world, maybe it’s because you’re here to help create a new one.” – Anonymous

Colouring Card

In this month’s Colouring Card we’ve given you a cat to dress up in the funkiest outfit you can think of! You can download this free colouring activity here.

Mini Print

Image of postcard sized print "Crazy Cat Lady" by artist Holly Jolley from monthly art print subscription Papirmass

In this edition we sent out “Crazy Cat Lady” as your shareable postcard. We hope you send it to someone in your life that appreciates cats the way that Holly does.

“I feel like a crazy cat lady. I need cats. I’ve never lived without one and I feel like they are such beautiful, complex creatures with unique personalities and character traits.” – Holly Jolley

The Whole Package

photo of an edition of the monthly art print subscription Papirmass, featuring artwork by Holly Jolley

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