Frequently Asked Questions

Mandate & Purpose

What is Papirmass?

Papirmass is an Art Subscription! Every month we mail our members 5 items:

1. An Art Print of varying size.
2. An Artist Interview, with tips on living a creative life.
3. A Mini Print, to share with friends or add to your gallery wall.
4. An Inspiring Quote, designed to motivate you.
5. A Creative Activity, to make some space in your life for artsy fun.

All of this is shipped in a beautiful rigid mailer. See our past prints.

Why should I subscribe?

You have great taste, but lack time and resources. Maybe you love art, but just aren’t sure where to start?

Let us do the heavy lifting: we’ll fill your home with art for a fraction of the cost of a single original artwork. 

Why do you make a great gift?

We all know someone bursting with creativity. Let them know you’ve noticed how original they are! 

To make gifting easy, we have a special Gift Subscription. Click here to learn more about gifting.

Announce your gift with one of our Free Greeting Cards.

How do I pronounce your name?

Pah • purr • mass

A play on the Danish word for ‘pulp’, Papirmass is an ode to the paper we print on and our preferred place in the trenches of popular culture.

Who runs Papirmass?

Papirmass has been artist-run from the start! Founded by artists Kirsten McCrea and JP King, we work with a small team of creative individuals in Toronto who strongly believe that art is for everyone.

We started Papirmass to share our passion for art and design with people around the world, sending the art that inspires us right to your door. 

Subscription Info

How much is shipping? Where do you ship?

We ship WORLDWIDE and shipping is FREE.

How does a subscription work?

After subscribing, your shipping address will be added to our next mailing list, and you will start receiving a monthly art print in the mail.

The deadline to get on the list is the last day of the month at midnight PST.

When will I receive my first mailing?

Like a magazine, we ship once per month. Our editions are mailed on the 7th of every month.

Your prints should arrive within two weeks (North America), or one month (International) of our shipping date.

** PLEASE NOTE that due to COVID-19, prints are taking longer to work their way through the postal system **

What currencies can I purchase a subscription with?

Papirmass subscriptions are available in USD, as well as in CAD for residents of Canada.

When am I billed?

To provide you with uninterrupted service, Papirmass offers a renewing subscription service. You will be billed on the same calendar day every cycle, but can opt not to renew at any time.

Are there extra fees or charges?

Nope! Shipping is FREE and there are no extra handling fees.

Please note that sales tax is charged to residents of Canada, and that processing fees through your bank or credit card may apply, as per the terms of your account.

Problems & Solutions

How do I change my address?

Login to your Customer Account with the email address used at the time of purchase.

Select 'Billing & Shipping Address'. Select the address to edit, add your new information, and click 'Update'.

Your change of address must be received by the last day of the month at midnight PST to be updated for our next mailing. Issues missed due to failure to submit a change of address request cannot be replaced.

My prints aren't arriving - what do I do?

If you ever miss an issue please contact us, and we will happily work with you to find a solution.

My print is damaged - what do I do?

We make every effort to protect your prints from damage, but sometimes overzealous letter-carriers conspire against us. Fear not! If a print has arrived in less than optimal condition, we will happily replace it. Simply contact us to begin the conversation.

As an additional precaution, you can affix a note to your mailbox requesting that your letter-carrier not fold oversized mail.

How do I cancel?

You have total control over your subscription and can opt not to renew at any time.

• Login to your Customer Account with the email address used at the time of purchase.
• Click on the white box with your subscription details.
• Select Cancel Subscription.
• Click Confirm Cancellation.

Can I get a refund?

Please note that we do not offer refunds on subscriptions. 

Artist & Prints

How do I display my prints?

With each print we offer a range of display suggestions to get the ball rolling.

We are fans of the simple frame: either black, white, or birch, because those frames let the artwork do the talking, and go with most decor. 

Here is a great tutorial on how to frame your own art.

Other display options include using magnets on a metal surface, clothes pins along a string, or simply leaning a print in a favourite nook. Follow us on Instagram to see more.

Can I purchase individual prints?

At this time, prints are for members only and cannot be purchased individually. Part of the excitement of Papirmass is knowing that you are part of a special art club and that only other members will get the same curated selection of contemporary culture as you.

How do you select your artists?

Papirmass is curated by JP King and Kirsten McCrea. Annual submissions are juried by our entire staff.

Papirmass is our opportunity to share the creative talent that excites us with a wider audience! As practicing artists, we have our eye on the pulse of contemporary culture. We take enormous pleasure in introducing our subscribers to the many hidden gems we have found in all corners of the globe.

Interested artists can submit their work through our open call for Submissions.

Are your contributors paid?

Yes, all of our artists are paid for the use of their work. As professional artists ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to hustle in today’s economy, and believe in paying everyone a fair rate!

How and where are your prints made?

All of our prints are made with love in Toronto, Canada. 

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