Edition 116: “Buoy o Buoy” by Corey Isenor

Kirsten McCreaART PRINTS

Buoy Oh Buoy by Papirmass Artist Corey Isenor

Papirmass 116 features a curious photograph by Canadian artist, Corey Isenor. At first teasing the audience by appearing as an oversized crayon, this vibrant buoy is a mirror image of itself as it emerges from a sunset reflection from a sunset. What makes this image so striking is the limited subject matter and colour palette. The vibrant red buoy is isolated amongst the soft pink, purple, and blue of the sky, making the image somewhat surreal.

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Buoy o Buoy photograph off buoy in water with sunset reflection

Corey’s photograph is striking in its composition and bizarre subject matter, due to several important elements coming together. To better understand Corey’s vision for this photo, look at this print and consider these three questions:

1. If this image was a metaphor, what would it be about?
2. Describe the colours in as much detail as possible using references to other things than colour.
3. What is mysterious, boring, and exciting about this artwork?

See more of Corey’s art here, and don’t miss our interview with her here.

Creative Quote

John Shedd Quote Card featuring blue water and vintage ship illustration

“A ship in a harbour is safe- but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

This quote encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and experience new things. Broadening our horizons and taking risks helps us grow as people and keeps us from becoming stagnant. Even if we fail, having tried the task or attempted the journey is an important step in the process and having done something will always be a better achievement than not doing anything at all.

Creative Activity


This month’s Colouring Card features scalloped layers that crawl up the page with patterns of polka dots. Download this free colouring activity for yourself here.

Mini Print

"Tip of the Island" house on plain photograph by Corey Isenor

“Tip of the Island” is this month’s mini print and features a lonesome building overlooking the ocean. The contrast of richly coloured grass against the fading blue sky is stunning, with the building breaking up the horizon line and appearing like it could be swept away in the movement of the clouds cascading above.

The Whole Package

Papirmass Edition 115 featuring photography by Corey Isenor, quote card, and interview

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