Edition 115: “Jungle Camper” by Amber Davenport

Kirsten McCreaART PRINTS

Jungle Camper Painting by Papirmass Artist Amber Davenport

Papirmass 115 features a print of a rich acrylic painting by England based illustrator and painter Amber Davenport. Jungle Camper is inspired by Amber’s travels to Malaysia, her brushstrokes capturing the colours and patterns of the dense jungle. By making travel a major part of her life, Amber has ample inspiration to choose from. But even when Amber can’t make it outside, she stays connected to the outdoors through nature books and documentaries. Slowly her discoveries make it into her artwork, captured with a distinct, playful style.

We’re drawn to the patterns Amber incorporated into this painting and the vibrant VW camper van that’s found its way into the jungle. Continue reading below to discover what subscribers received in this month’s edition. If you’re one of the lucky ones to receive this print, tag us (@papirmass) on Instagram so we can see how Amber’s print brightened your space!


Jungle Camper Painting by Amber Davenport - Edition 115 Papirmass Art Subscription

Amber’s work is highly influenced by her travels and she’s been fortunate to have traversed the globe from the lush jungles of South-East Asia to the bustling harbour of Sydney, Australia. To better understand Amber’s perspective, look at this print and consider these three questions:

1. Imagine you’re driving this van. Where would you go?
2. How many different patterns make up this jungle?
3. How does this image make you feel? Why?

See more of Amber’s art here, and don’t miss our interview with her here.

Creative Quote

Oliver Sacks Quote Card Papirmass Edition 115

“Every act of perception is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination.” – Oliver Sacks

This quote makes us consider how every time we view something, our brain is interpreting it through a filter of our past experiences. Consider how an artist’s imagination and history, as much as their eyes, shape the colours, tones, and shapes they capture in their work. And when we encounter art on our wall or in a gallery our own past transforms it once again. This happens in every aspect of our lives of course, perception, memory, and imagination entangled in an endless dance of creation.

Colouring Card


Check out this month’s collage-style Colouring Card. Download this free colouring activity for yourself here.

Mini Print

Moth Pattern by Amber Davenport - Papirmass Edition 115

“Moth Pattern” is this month’s mini print and features a colourful study of all the best moths species. This woodland inspired print would look sweet in a baby’s room or by your desk to remind you to get outdoors and discover the small creatures that disguise themselves within our gardens and forests.

The Whole Package

Amber Davenport - Full Edition 115 Papirmass Art Subscription

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