Edition 114: “Holiday” by James Christopher

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"Holiday" Collage Art Print by James Christopher for Papirmass

Papirmass 114 features the beautiful collage work of London based illustrator and artist James Christopher. His art is a rebellion against his “day job as a graphic designer where everything has to be precise, to a rule and for a client.” In his personal time, his creative practice trends in the other direction embracing the “messy, colourful, and almost meaningless.”

His piece “Holiday” is an abstract burst of enthusiasm. Created digitally using abstract shapes and unexpected geometry, your new artwork will brighten the home and put a skip in your step. Show us where you display it on Instagram (@papirmass) so we can take in all its positive energy.


Holiday Digital Collage by James Christopher for Papirmass

James’ inspiration comes from light-hearted elements in his life such as the onset of summer, local plants, or the music blasting through his studio speakers. “I see my whole illustration routine as a stress reliever,” he says, “I think that comes across in the aesthetic of being fun, almost naive, and childish.” When you look at this month’s piece, ask yourself:

1. If this artwork could make music, how would it sound?
2. What verbs would you use to describe this artwork?
3. How does your eye move through the artwork? What choices did the artist make to make that happen?

See more of James’ art here, and don’t miss our interview with him here.

Creative Quote

Illustrated Quote by Edgar Degas

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” – Edgar Degas

Seemingly simple, playful compositions have an air of ease to them. Like they came into the world fully formed. As viewers, we approach new artwork with fresh eyes and none of the baggage the artist had while conceiving the piece. The work feels effortless to us, in fact, it seemingly couldn’t exist in any other form. However, for the artist, it has taken their whole career to arrive at this piece. Hundreds of experiences, experiments, and dead ends led them here. To actively create something new, to breath air into a very specific vision, can take a lifetime of work.

Creative Activity

.Papirmass Creative Card Summer Activity Plans

The summer season and all its beauty can be fleeting. This month’s Creative Card will help you plan to make the most out of the coming months. Jot down what you want to do, where you want to visit, and who you HAVE TO have a patio Aperol Spritz with! Stick this on your fridge and cross off a couple of activities every week. You’ll be thrilled with how much you get done!⠀⠀

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Mini Print

Collage Mini Print by James Christopher for Papirmass

“Holiday 1” is this month’s mini print by James Christopher. Featuring punchy colours and bold flora, this mini print is packed with energy! Write a thank you note and share it with a deserving co-worker to liven up their day and their desk.

Whole Package

Edition 114 featuring Collage Art by James Christopher

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