Edition 113: “Naupaka IV” & “Relief” by Brendan Ko

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Nature Photography by Brendan Ko Papirmass Edition 113

Papirmass 113 features two mysterious photographs captured by Brendan Ko. Naupaka IV and Relief are flora images that elicit intrigue in the viewer. Brendan’s special connection to the landscape helps us discover the hidden spirits of plants and encourages us to consider their more ethereal qualities.

Though Relief is meant to be viewed horizontally, feel free to create a diptych by hanging them side by side in your space! Share your new lovely decor with us on Instagram (@papirmass) so we can applaud your fab decor taste. 👏🏼


Photograph of Leaves by Brendan George Ko

Photograph NaupakaI by Brendan George Ko for Papirmass Art Subscription

Brendan has achieved a look in his photography that permeates throughout his portraits, landscapes, and detail images. By using coloured gels and harsh flash, his work features a mix of both soft and hard light, which provides the viewer with different sensations. Gaze at the two photographs and consider these three questions:

1. What would it feel like to be in this artwork?
2. If you could ask the artist a question, what would you ask him?
3. What elements seem dreamlike or imaginary? How so?

See more of Brendan’s art here, and don’t miss our interview about his unique creative vision here.

Creative Quote

A graphic card with a quote from painter Bob Ross for Papirmass Edition 113

“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, because that’s where all the fruit is.” – Bob Ross

Sometimes the sweetest and most unexpected things happen when we reach beyond our comfort zone and take a risk. It could result in failure, but by not exploring what sits on the end of the proverbial limb could result in more disappointment than what you may find! Look deep within yourself and recognize the areas in your life where you could reach a little further, push a little harder. You never know what delights lie on the other end!

Brendan’s work was restrained and “institutional” when he came out of university, but by developing his own language and understanding the stories that inspire his photography, he began creating work that spoke to him and learned to accept when it doesn’t vibe with his audience. Brendan follows his “gut feeling” and creates work that’s true to him and his story.

Bob Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. Widely known for his PBS show “The Joy of Painting” (1983-1994) Ross’ instructional painting series encouraged everyone to embrace “happy accidents” rather than mistakes. With his soft fro, casual look, and encouraging demeanor, Bob Ross was embraced by viewers of all ages for making art accessible and creating an un-intimidating environment to create in. Bob Ross continues to be popular today.

Colouring Card


Check out this month’s collage-style Colouring Card. Download this free colouring activity for yourself here.

Mini Print

Papirmass Edition 113 Mini Print featuring nature photography by Brendan Ko

“Eclipse Butterfly” is this month’s mini print by Brendan Ko. We love the vibrant colours in this image and how the flora and fauna pop off the print. It’s reminiscent of a fancy museum biodiversity display, don’t ya think? Send this mini print to a friend or family member to help them embrace those beautiful Spring blooms!

Whole Package

Papirmass Edition 113 Full Package featuring photography by Brendan Ko

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