Edition 107: Bits And Pieces by Tom Abbiss Smith

Kirsten McCreaART PRINTS

Papirmass 107 features a beautiful digital collage titled Bits And Pieces by Tom Abbiss Smith of Norwich, England. Tom explores nature through colour, composition, and texture. If you look closely, you may catch traces of natural environments or perhaps the outline of an abstracted leaf. This bold bright print will add a fresh feeling to our subscriber’s spaces as we move into the colder months.

Art Print

Tom Abbiss Smith Papirmass Print

We recommend taking a moment to study this artwork. Get comfortable, make a fresh cup of tea, then consider the following questions:

Where do you see nature merging with the urban?

How do the colours used here make you feel?

Which part of the image is your eye most attracted to?

See more of Tom Abbiss Smith’s art here, and don’t miss his our interview about his process here.

Creative Quote

Tom Abbiss Smith Papirmass Print

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

We’ll take care of the beautiful part if you get all the useful bits together! This quote is a wonderful reminder to be conscious of what we bring into our homes and our lives. At the same time, don’t let go of items just because they may not seem immediately practical. Something that brings you joy when you look at it or reminds you of a special moment is useful in its own right.

William Morris was a British novelist, textile designer, and social activist. His writing is credited as having helped establish the modern fantasy genre and he was involved in spreading the early socialist movement in Britain.

Colouring Card


This month’s Colouring Card features various shapes to add some colour and texture to. Download this free colouring activity for yourself here.

Mini Print

Tom Abbiss Smith Papirmass Print

Each edition includes a mini print that’s easy to share and perfect for curating a gallery on your desk! Notice how this piece by Tom Abbiss has a different feel and mood than the larger print. Try to pinpoint what elements are responsible for this shift.

Tom Abbiss Smith Papirmass Print

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