Suzanne Dias’ Patient Reflection

Eugen SakhnenkoARTISTS

Suzanne Dias Illustration Artist Portrait with Leaves

Suzanne Dias, who illustrates patient scenes of moments filled with figures, plants, and abstract shapes is up next in our Art Subscription!

In-House’s Playful Boldness

Eugen SakhnenkoARTISTS

Typographic Illustration by In-House International

With an audacious flair for illustration, typography, and animation, In-House’s distinct boldness stems from their joyful use of colour, crisp lines, and geometric shapes.

Abbey Lossing’s Stylish Simplicity

Eugen SakhnenkoARTISTS

Illustration by Abbey Lossing

Always optimistic, Abbey Lossing’s personality is reflected in her work through her happy and content characters, who are often found celebrating life’s simple moments or working together to support those around them. See her work here!

The Stylistic Illustration of Llew Mejia

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Llew Mejia’s bright and busy illustrations overflow with flora and fauna. Nearly psychedelic in their brilliance, his highly-detailed scenes both vibrate and sooth, reminding us of traditional Mexican embroidery.

Geometric Designs with Raymond Biesinger

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Portrait of artist Raymond Biesinger

Our next artist, Raymond Biesinger, likes concepts, making music, politics, Instagram, and 19th-century bird’s eye view panoramic maps. Since 2000, he has been deploying physical things, … Read More

Illustrating Concepts with Raymond Biesinger

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Artwork by Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger is a master of mid-century inspired illustration. His work is a complex deployment of physical things, electronic means, and flat geometry, brought together to create compelling and detailed images of contemporary issues.

The Vintage Style of Nicola Kloosterman

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Collage artwork by Papirmass artist Nicola Kloosterman

Meet Nicola Kloosterman, an analog collage artist from the Netherlands who wields scissors and glue to cut her way across a range of vintage and contemporary fashion magazines, found paper, and textile samples.

The Playful Illustrations of Jeannie Phan

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Toronto Artist Jeannie Phan

From sneaky cats, to mysterious forests, to idyllic landscapes, our next artist’s take on the world is serene, refreshing, and delightfully curious. See it now!

Through the Lens of Lauren Tepfer

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Papirmass Artist Photographer Lauren Tepfer

Lauren Tepfer’s atmospheric photographs focus on suburbia, capturing nostalgia moments and lending a decidedly intense flare to an otherwise banal landscape. They are proof positive that held in the right hands, a camera has the power to transform, rather than merely record, its surroundings.

The Comical Stylings of Hiller Goodspeed

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

illustration by artist Hiller Goodspeed

Hiller Goodspeed uses artwork as a way to express everyday thoughts and daydreams. His comical works are touching and sincere – a rare blend of comedy and thoughtfulness that we really appreciate.

The Vibrant Vintage Art of Boyoun Kim

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Boyoun Kim is a Korean illustrator currently based in New York City whose images consistently feel drawn from the past, but carry a contemporary vibrance. We love her pairing of vintage tones and old printmaking effects with modern subject matter, and we’re sure you will too.

The Powerful Portraits of Nyssa Sharp

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

Nyssa Sharp creates stunningly powerful portraits that focus on the expression of the inner female attitude and dialogue. See a full gallery of her work here.

The Vibrant Flowers of Jess Phoenix

Kirsten McCreaARTISTS

The arwork of Papirmass June 2017 artist Jess Phoenix

This artist’s vibrant floral arrangements are beautiful, bold, and totally imaginary. Jess Phoenix’s work is sure to make you smile. Click here.

Jp King: March Artist


Artist Jp King

Jp King is a transdisciplinary media artist, whose art practice spans material culture, social engagement, contemporary mythology, masculinity and speculative … Read More

Marlies Plank: February Artist



Warm up with the hypnotic images of visionary photographer Marlies Plank, a master of combining photography with collage in surreal ways that bend the mind.