Jp King: March Artist


Artist Jp King

Jp King is a transdisciplinary media artist, whose art practice spans material culture, social engagement, contemporary mythology, masculinity and speculative … Read More

Marlies Plank: February Artist



Warm up with the hypnotic images of visionary photographer Marlies Plank, a master of combining photography with collage in surreal ways that bend the mind.

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Katy Welsh: January Artist


Katy Welsh Bristol UK Textile Designer and Illustrator Holding Painting

Step into the studio of Katy Welsh, a British print designer & illustrator whose contemporary designs juxtapose bold and bright patterns with joyful colour.

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New Feature! Art Cards

Kirsten McCreaNEWS

Open up a whole new window into the creative process with our Art Cards, our new artist interviews mailed each … Read More

Meet Your New Creative Card!

Kirsten McCreaNEWS

What’s better than getting art in the mail? Getting to make it, too! Introducing Creative Cards, your chance to show us what you got.

Introducing Rigid Mailers

Kirsten McCreaNEWS

Inspired by modernist design, the Memphis studio, and cut-up collage techniques, our new envelopes are the most beautiful way to turn your snail mail into yay mail!

Yener Torun: October Artist



Our next artist is photographer Yener Torun, whose stunningly colourful, geometric compositions are a welcome antidote to a dull day. Born … Read More

Vikki Wiercinski: August Artist



Meet our next artist: Vikki Wiercinski. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Vikki is a designer, pattern-maker extraordinaire, and full-fledge stationery and housewares queen … Read More

Team Macho: July Artist



Team Macho is not your average art collective. And they aren’t your average macho men either. Machismo, that puerile expression … Read More